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I'm still playing with Jaiku ... including the new Jaiku gadget for iGoogle (hat tip Leo)

I'm becoming increasingly impressed with Xero which is regularly adding useful features to its online accounting program/service like simple adjustment entries and expense claims

PC Mag has 50 Vista tips (hat tip Leo)

Paul Gardner asks what blogging tools do we use? --- personally I blog directly into Blogger

Paul Thurrott describes Vista's Aero feature

David Pogue explains, in his inimitable style, why we have to put up with legalistic EULAs every time we install software

Rod Drury is losing patience with the media and the telecommunications companies over broadband in New Zealand

Leo has been trying out ustream.tv for video/live-casting his podcasts

Paul Gardner points out that the latest version of Ubuntu (7.04) is now available

Paul Thurrott has a review of Windows Home Server

Michael Sampson tells us that Google are adding a slides function (a la powerpoint) to their online office suite

Google Maps Darfur Atrocities

cellphone calls are now possible from the top of Mt Everest (as distinct from satellite phone calls)

Google and Tourism NZ create new layer on Google Earth

Chris Brogan describes why he has moved from Twitter to Jaiku

Paul Thurrott has reviewed Apple Boot Camp 1.2 Beta


www.gavinknight.com back online

for the past week the web version of www.gavinknight.com has been offline

but it should now be fixed (please let me know if it isn't)

I'm pretty sure RSS/email feeds have still been working although I haven't been posting to prove that

turns out the problem was that last week I signed up for Google Apps which, amongst other things, gives you Gmail with @your_own_domain rather than @gmail ... this was to test it out using the gavinknight.com domain before also activating it on my personal email domain ... it took ages to work out what was going on, but eventually I received a helpful response from the online Blogger Group ... the answer turned out to be that Google Apps had over-ridden my Blogger custom domain ... and the fix was simply to change my custom domain setting and immediately change it back to www.gavinknight.com



I'm now trying out Jaiku, which seems to be similar to Twitter

seems the choice is between nice and simple (Twitter) or more features (Jaiku)

I've previously reviewed Twitter and will do the same for Jaiku once I've checked it out more


around the web (geek)

TUANZ is now running an ongoing debate on the practicality of how Telecom and Vodafone have implemented number portability, having earlier celebrated its arrival here in NZ

Paul Thurrott has more Windows Vista Tips and describes Windows Photo Gallery in Vista

Benjamin Higginbotham discusses the usefulness of direct tweets on Twitter

Russell Brown debates the current copyright bill going through parliament

Juha has a Q&A Session with Vodafone CEO Russell Stanners

Amber discusses Twitter including a cartoon about Twitter addicts

we're hoping to move home soon, so TUANZ's comparison of NZ broadband plans is timely

Xero uses Excel as its reporting tool

Rod Drury describes the increasing trend of using web-based software to avoid IT departments

Michael Sampson discusses increasing your exposure using tags ... and Chris Brogan adds to this with "tags are your new website"

Chris Brogan describes Twitter as the new gate-jumper

Rowan Simpson writes about how to provide links in your posts


all a twitter

I'm strangely intrigued by twitter

as per the twitter FAQ "Twitter is a community of friends and strangers from around the world sending updates about moments in their lives. Friends near or far can use Twitter to remain somewhat close while far away."

think of it as a blend of instant messaging (a la MSN, AIM, gtalk, skype, etc), web chat (a la myspace, bebo, etc) and TXTing ... even as mini-blogging

receive your friends' broadcast messages (for free) via:

  • web (if you're logged into twitter.com)
  • IM (if you're logged into one of the supported IMs)
  • RSS (my feed)
  • TXT on your mobile phone
send broadcast messages to your 'friends' for free from:
  • the web
  • IM
  • TXT ... the twitter side of sending messages by TXT is free but your mobile phone provider might charge you for the TXT itself (eg here in NZ we need to TXT a UK # which doesn't qualify under either Telecom or Vodafone bundled TXT plans)
you can control your privacy by limiting your messages to only go to your 'friends', or make them public (as mine are - if it gets out of hand I'll tighten it up)

you can control when you get messages (eg I've set it to not send me TXTs during the night hours!)

early days yet so it hasn't settled into a pattern of usage ... the obvious social networking usage is there, but I'm thinking there's got to be other uses too, including in a business context ... time will tell

I've already mentioned it to our church youth group leaders as a possible way to keep in touch with the youth group

I've placed my twitter stream on the right hand side of the blog, see "what am I doing?"

in case you're wondering where the "twitter" name comes from ... "tweet tweet" as in a conversation between birds ... not "twit" as in a pregnant goldfish or an insult!


upcoming travel calendar

I have added a link to my upcoming travel calendar on the right hand side of this blog



this post is to enable my Technorati Profile for this blog


around the web (geek)

Windows Weekly podcast has a conversation with David Caulton of Microsoft's Zune Team

Paul Thurrott has more Windows Vista tips (part 3, part 4 and part 5)

NZ has reportedly improved from 23rd to 19th in the OECD but alas that study includes mobile broadband when the OECD doesn't (see TUANZ) ... seems the latest OECD statistics on broadband are still coming

Google Calendar provides TXT reminders for NZers with Vodafone cellphones (via Whale Oil)

Apple's iPhone SuperBowl advert on YouTube (here) (via Gadget Lounge here)

Paul Thurrott of Windows Supersite lists his personal technology (here)

Gadget Lounge discusses various DVD rippers/converters (here)

Paul Gardner is using Mindjet MindManager to provide his speaking notes when preaching in church (here)

in something of a contrast, Eric Mack describes what happened at his church the day all their presentation technology died (including backup machines!) (here)

Security Now podcast has a fascinating conversation on hard drive reliability

is Foldera coming out of hiding? at long last! (here)

I've noted the above links to make them easier for me to re-find in the future ... but I'm happy to share them with you if you find them useful


around the web (geek)

links to 'geek' articles I've noted recently in Google Reader ... this will make them easier for me to re-find in the future (as Google Reader doesn't have a search feature but I can Google search this blog)

Windows Vista Tips 1 & 2 (Paul Thurrott, Feb-07 and Mar-07)

securing our digital trade routes (Rod Drury, Mar-07)

usable URLs (Rowan Simpson, Mar-07)

nationwide community owned broadband network (TUANZ, Mar-07)

Wellington City Broadband (David Farrar, Feb-07) and (Rod Drury, Mar-07)

wind up phone charger (Gadget Lounge, Feb-07)

Windows (Vista) Calendar (Paul Thurrott, Feb-07)

Google Apps Premier Edition (via Michael Sampson, Feb-07)

code monkey (via Amber on net@nite, Feb-07)

fix Firefox memory leak (engtech, Dec-06, Feb-07)

email v collaboration (Michael Sampson, Dec-06)

nothing beats a fountain pen (DIY Planner, Dec-06)

USB turntable (Gadget Lounge, Nov-06)

Google Calendar synched with Outlook Calendar (Cameron Reilly, Nov-06)

iPod diagnostic mode (Gadget Lounge, Nov-06)


Gmail no longer invite only?

Gmail no longer invite only? (NY Times)

... I use Gmail for all my personal email


My Web Sites, explained

I keep a number of websites so I can easily re-find content that is/was of interest to me. Rather than re-searching the whole internet, I just search my own websites.

However, if you find what I have written, noted, etc useful then I am happy to share it with you.

Email feeds - when you subscribe by email you will be sent new items by email once a day.

RSS feeds - when you subscribe by RSS you will be receive new items in your RSS reader. A good summary of RSS can be found here. I prefer an online RSS reader - currently Google Reader.

GavinKnight.com - this website. You can visit GavinKnight.com from time to time and/or subscribe to new items by RSS or email.

my other blog at Vox - I used to blog on Vox, and you might like to read the posts that I have left there. I'm now doing my blogging at GavinKnight.com but I have kept my Vox ID to share photos, videos, etc. You can visit Vox from time to time and/or subscribe to new items by RSS or email.

my aggregated online interests at Jaiku, RSS or Email

Update history.
11-May-07: added my aggregated online interests at Jaiku.
24-Mar-07: simplified description of my Vox blog.
12-Mar-07 removed Newsvine as I don't use it enough,
removed Vox Photos as they show up in Vox Blog anyway, and removed YouTube as I'll blog anything I post there.
28-Feb-07 moved www, rss and email links from main page to this page.
16-Feb-07 removed Whooiz (where I previously recorded my Online Profile).
9-Feb-07 original post.


TradeMe bidding via TXT

I've just noticed you can bid on TradeMe via TXT
register here
hat tip Rowan
... hope Jill doesn't see this ;)


Windows Home Server

Windows Home Server

this looks good ... technically, and aesthetically

we have heaps of photos, emails, etc on our home PCs ... currently I do a full backup every few weeks to a USB hard disk that goes with me to work, travelling etc so we're safe from hard disk or other technical failure ... and less susceptible to theft, fire, etc except when I'm at home ... it's a bit tedious, I manually use copy/paste to initiate the backup, only takes a couple of minutes to initiate, but about an hour to complete

to have it all automated like this would be great

seeing as I work for HP I'll have to look out for staff buying options when these are actually released


Feedburner RSS & Email Feeds

I have now updated my Feedburner RSS & Email feeds to reflect that this (Blogger) blog is now my main blog, and my old (Vox) blog will now be used less and only for more personal posts.

The updated Feedburner RSS & Email feeds are listed at the top right of this blog, below my photo.

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