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NZ copyright law

seems it is now legal in new zealand to copy music to your ipod, but still not video


check out tweet clouds


get yourself Warhol'ised!

get yourself Warhol'ised!

hat tip Jim Donovan


txt 2 much? u could b sick

txt 2 much? u could b sick

People who send large numbers of text messages and emails may have a mental disorder, a doctor writing in a leading psychiatric journal said.

Jerald Block, writing in the latest issue of the American Journal Of Psychiatry, said "internet addiction" was a "common disorder" that deserved inclusion in a manual of mental disorders used by health professionals.

Those with the condition suffered withdrawal symptoms of anger and tension when a computer was inaccessible, and often lost their sense of time through excessive use, Dr Block said.


quotably follows twitter @ conversations

until now it has been hard to follow twitter '@' conversations because you had to tediously follow the chain of twitter sites for those in the conversation, and then hunt around for their posts that were in the conversation ... not any more ... try quotably


FriendFeed :: Blog with Facebook ver 3

I have started using FriendFeed which is a "tumblelog ... a quick and dirty stream of [online] consciousness" ... it also has news feed and commenting functionality that enables a community to build around friends who link to each other

my FriendFeed provides an aggregated list of my online presence here at GavinKnight.com, and on Twitter, and on YouTube, and on any other web service I start using that provides an RSS feed

if nothing else, there's an associated FaceBook Application for FriendFeed that gives me a faster way of showing my blog posts on my FaceBook ... it seems to pick up new posts within minutes

Blog RSS Feed Reader, the FaceBook blogging Application I had been using, was taking up to a few hours to show new posts

Update, Wed-23-Apr, I'm now using Facebook Notes instead


Review: Jungle Disk Online Backup Service

Recently I've started using Jungle Disk to make and maintain an online 'in the cloud' backup of our family data.

Most of all I like the 'peace of mind' reassurance of knowing all our photos (in particular) and other family data is always backed up online.

Particular features I like are:
* automated backups = peace of mind;
* your data appears as a network disk in windows explorer = you can also manually save and retrieve files using a familiar technique;
* your data can be encrypted = it remains private;
* web access to files = access away from your own pc;
* you can use the one account to backup more than one pc.

Jungle Disk costs only US$20 to purchase the software. You can subscribe for a further US$1 per month for additional optional services like automated backups and web access. You do need to subscribe to Amazon's S3 web data storage service for the data storage itself, but this is ridiculously cheap.

So that I don't go over our daily broadband limit I'm currently drip-feeding our data into the folder that is automatically backed up. It should take less than a month to backup everything. From then on new and changed data will automatically be backed up every night.

I'm not backing up the live folders on our PCs where data is saved during day to day computing . Rather I have scripts running each night to copy changes in those folders to a spare PC in our home. From there Jungle Disk will make the automated online backup. This gives us dual backups with an initial backup onsite on a spare PC coupled with an offsite backup by Jungle Disk.

I have always backed up our family data to disks, CDs, usb drives, etc. However, this has been a tedious and manual process. So, I have not done it as regularly as I should. Also, because the backups were not always offsite we were still vulnerable to theft, fire, etc even though we were protected against system failure.

I first heard of Jungle Disk on episode 123 of the Security Now! podcast by Leo Laporte (TWIT) and Steve Gibson (GRC).

If you want to use Jungle Disk follow their 'how it works' instructions.

Our family email has also been 'in the cloud' since earlier this year when I migrated it to Google Apps.

As an alternative I investigated using Microsoft's free Windows Live Sky Drive service. However, it currently has a 5gb cap with no ability to purchase additional capacity (we have more than 5gb data). Also, it is currently only accessible through a web-page not a mapped drive. That said, Microsoft do say improvements are coming.

There are continuing rumours that Google will be releasing online storage, but I couldn't wait.

How do you backup your family data? and how often?

Update: Sun-16-Mar I have formalised the formatting of this article so that it can be re-published on BackupReview.info


Russel Hobbs Whisper Quiet Kettle

not my usual sort of gadget post! ... but we just bought one, and they are incredibly quiet, almost silent

our old (very noisy) kettle started smoking (literally) and we were very tired of having to stop chatting while waiting for it to boil!

Rod Drury had humourously named it his Best Gadget of 2007:

Over the last couple of days I’ve been exposed to what is clearly the best tech gadget I’ve experienced in 2007.

It was a surprise, my favorite gadget. It had elements of many great designs.

For example its simple one button interface had shades of Apple. The controls of this complex device distilled into a single red button with soft glowing light indicating its state of operation.

It has wireless technology, nothing new in itself, but incredibly useful for it’s specific application.

The best feature was it’s noise canceling design. I wondered if the designers had consulted with the team at Phitek as some deep science around sound management is in play. Every time we’ve used it someone comments “I can’t believe it’s so quiet.” It really is like magic.

Like great gadgets this is a tool. Its satisfaction not just in its use but in enjoying what you can make with this machine of convenience.

Great technology needs to be accessible and at a sale price of $74.90 it is affordable for all.


Blogging, 2007

I started blogging here at GavinKnight.com in Jan-07 (now hosted by Google's Blogger service after starting blogging at Vox in Nov-06)

during 2007 I made 143 posts which is just short of an average of 12 per month ... even with a lull during Aug-Oct due to work commitments

I have over 20 RSS and Email subscribers

in the last month I have averaged 18 daily visitors

76% of my readers are in NZ, 17% in the USA and 6% in the UK

63% of my readers use Internet Explorer as their browser, 32% Firefox and 5% Safari

89% of my readers use Windows PCs, 9% Apple Mac and 2% Linux

39% of my readers come directly (by typing GavinKnight.com into their web browser - presumably this includes email links like the one in my personal email footer) ... 28% come from searches (98.7% use Google) ... the remainder come via links from other sites (most commonly from my regular comments on David Farrar's Kiwi Blog, from my friends Chad & Cindy Carlson's blog Friends list, from my friend Mike Zook's blog Friends list, via my Facebook profile, and via my Twitter profile)

Technorati: Authority = 8 and Rank = 962,510

Alexa: Traffic Rank = 5,461,033 and Links = 1

my Facebook friends also see my GavinKnight.com posts listed in Facebook

since Mar-07 I have also micro-blogged my less structured thoughts at Twitter with 109 'tweets' to 31-Dec

most of the statistical analysis above was provided by Google's Feedburner service

update (6-Jan-07): added browser statistics and Technorati & Alexa ratings


Tag Cloud

I have added a Blogger Tag Cloud to the right using my adaptation of phydeux3's instructions.

It shows all Tags with at least 5 posts, with the more frequently used Tags shown first and larger.

Update 3-Jan-08: Tags are now listed alphabetically. The minimum is now 3 posts.


Blog with FaceBook, ver 2

I have given up on Flog Blog as it was too unreliable in detecting new posts and showing them on Facebook.

To show my Blog in Facebook I now use Blog RSS Feed Reader as it seems to be much more reliable, although it can still take longer than the setting of 2 hours to detect new posts.

My Facebook profile is here.

Update: Mon-17-Mar-08: I'm now using FriendFeed to show my Blog in Facebook because it detects new posts within minutes rather than within hours.


Blog with FaceBook

my writings here on GavinKnight.com now also appear within my FaceBook using the Flog Blog application

it took awhile to work out how to get the settings right so that my blog posts here on GavinKnight.com would automatically also appear in FaceBook ... but I now seem to have it right ... the defaults didn't do it for me

from memory the setting that mattered was the "max posts to show" setting ... click on the screenshot to see my settings

UPDATE 31-Dec-07: I have given up on Flog Blog as it was too unreliable in detecting new posts. To show my Blog in Facebook I now use Blog RSS Feed Reader as it seems to be much more reliable, although it can still take longer than the setting of 2 hours to detect new posts.


Windows Live Photo Gallery

I was playing around with Windows Live Photo Gallery today and created this stitched panorama photo from 4 photos of the New Orleans Arena where I watched a Hornets NBA game while I was in New Orleans recently = pretty cool


email me if you want a Pownce invite

email me if you want a Pownce.com invite

my Pownce profile is here


Online Social Networks

I belong to the following online social networks to keep in touch:

although I am not particularly active on some I do check each network regularly, and also receive updates by email and/or rss
  • 16-Jan-08 removed Bebo, Jaiku & Pownce as I don't use them
  • 1-Sep-07 added Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku as they are also a form of social network
  • 26-Jul-07 now treating Vox as a social network, so added it here
  • 17-Jul-07 added LinkedIn
  • 16-Jul-07 original, linked in sidebar


Stuff, RSS

finally! Stuff (incl Wellington's daily paper The Dominion Post) has followed the lead of the NZ Herald and is now publishing RSS feeds


what I'm reading online

I aggregate my online interests via Jaiku ... subscribe rss email

there you will find links to news and other web-based articles that catch my eye (via Google Reader), my photos, my videos, posts from GavinKnight.com, etc etc

you can subscribe by RSS and you will get each item as a separate item

or subscribe by email and get a daily email containing all items (sent at 2am NZ time)

an image of the email version is shown as part of this post


my new toy


around the web = too hard ... Jaiku instead

for the past month or so I've been posting here links to online items of interest to me, but those posts take too long to compile

so I'm going to start linking to them thru Jaiku from Google Reader

you can find my aggregated online interests on the web at Jaiku, or subscribe by RSS or Email


current time Wellington NZ

I have added a clock to the right hand sidebar showing the current time in my home city of Wellington

source: World Time Server .com