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Standing for Board of Trustees of Newlands College

My name is Gavin Knight and I am standing for the Board of Trustees for Newlands College.

It has been my privilege to serve on our school's Board for the last 5 years. I have led the Charter committee for 4 of those years and have enjoyed being part of strategy and policy development for our school. Earlier this year the Board appointed me Chair.

This year our longest serving Trustees are concluding their service, so I seek re-election to our school's Board so I can help provide continuity.

Newlands College is a fantastic school and has been very good to my family. Our two children received a well-rounded education over the 9 years they were here. Our youngest child has now left school but I would like to continue giving back to the college community by serving another term.

I am passionate about education. I have enjoyed being part of the Board's role in guiding the school on what matters most to our community - in particular to focus on helping every student achieve to the best of their ability.

Professionally I am a freelance business and IT consultant. Project management is my primary focus. I have been a consultant for more than 15 years after spending more than 10 years as an accountant.

I also have extensive experience in leadership and governance roles in the not-for-profit sector. This has helped me serve on our school board.

I believe the service I have already provided demonstrates my passion and commitment to the school, and also my ability to be part of providing the leadership the school Board needs to provide.

I seek your support in voting for me to serve another term on the Board of Trustees for Newlands College.