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Top Performers

One of the services I provide is training and coaching, often via Top Performers, owned by Colin Sander.

Colin has been writing some thought provoking articles recently - a selection:

  • Why Experts Often Don’t Sell!: "Over the years I have been exposed to a large number of salespeople who are in their own right, experts in their field, whether they be engineers, veterinarians, designers …"
  • Salespeople: “What Value Are You To Your Customers?”: "The greatest value a salesperson can bring to the table is to be comfortable challenging a customer’s thinking ..."
  • Meetings for the Sake of Meetings: "Repeatedly I hear people saying that in their organisation, there are either too many pointless meeting, or not enough meetings, or the meetings that are happening have no purpose and no outcomes ..."
  • The High Cost of People Turnover: "Repeatedly I come across examples of poor recruitment, frequently internal, which is driven by convenience as much as anything …"
  • The Power of Being Self Aware: "I have recently been working in a business where in one division, there are two relatively new team leaders who have been appointed. Both internal appointments. ... In conversation with the one who is displaying real leadership and impacting positively the performance of her team, she regularly reflects on her own behaviour and what is motivating that. I have observed her interacting with her team members, and adjusting her behaviour in response to what she is observing in them."
  • The Price of Errors: "Whether it be in the back office, sales in the field, on the factory floor, or the meeting room, the costs of errors, and the costs of not making decisions, carries significant cost ..."
  • Engagement or Burnout?: "I have come across several examples of people who are highly engaged, highly talented, and potentially on the path to burnout ..."
  • Resilience: "Whether you are in a sales role, customer service, or management, one of the all too rare qualities that delivers success is resilience ..."
  • Balanced Feedback: "I have come across a couple of situations where people have held an overly inflated view of their capabilities ..."
  • Do You Work With A “Blamer-Complainer”?: "Any change effort in an organisation, whether it be business, community group or family, will meet with resistance of some sort ..."
  • Performance Reviews: An Investment Or A Cost?: "Several conversations in the last few weeks have driven home just how often these 6 or 12 monthly meetings are a box ticking exercise ..."
  • Performance Coaching That Delivers High ROI: "I want to share an example of how a client of mine makes it work to everyone’s advantage ..."
  • What’s Your Energy Source?: "I recall when I was in the corporate world in a management role, and my then young son would spend time in the office during school holidays. We had just arrived home one afternoon and he said; “Dad, don’t you like us?” ..."
  • The Focused Sales Culture: "It is quite apparent that those salespeople who are thriving in today’s environment, apart from possessing positive values, are very clear on what it is that works to achieve profitable sales ..."

You can find more articles on Colin's Blog. They are also referenced on his Twitter.

Contact me if you would like to find out how Colin or I can assist you in achieving increased performance levels for yourself, your business or your organisation.

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