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Review: SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration

I have just finished reading Michael Sampson's second book "SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration: Using SharePoint to Enhance Business Collaboration". Michael describes the book this way:

"SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration is the indispensable guide for IT and business people wanting to use SharePoint to enhance business collaboration. The roadmap focuses on the business and human side of SharePoint, rather than the technology."

Michael has an engaging writing style. I almost heard him reading the text. I could easily envisage him delivering the content in a workshop or seminar context - both of which he offers!

The book is very readable despite being full of rich content covering some complex areas. For the last couple weeks I read a chapter every few days. Then today I completed the second half of the book in one sitting. It flows very well.

I have been a member of IT project teams for over 10 years, and in project management roles on such projects for over 5 of those years. The insights in Michael's book resonate closely with my experience.

The ideas Michael explores are equally applicable across a much broader range of IT projects. Not just collaboration projects generally, or SharePoint projects specifically. I encourage Michael to explore this further in his future writing.

This afternoon I am meeting with one of the business sponsors for the IT programme of work I am leading for his organisation, a client of mine. An imminent project within that programme - which he is quite wary of - is the implementation of SharePoint for an intranet, document management, search, reporting and collaboration. All of these processes are broken to some degree within this organisation, which is one of the key business challenges my programme of work is seeking to address.

I will be showing him Michael's book and encouraging him to buy a copy. It will enable him and his colleague executives on my steering committee to ensure they provide my programme with continuing oversight that is focussed on achieving what they need.

Now, on to reading Michael's first book "Seamless Teamwork: Using Microsoft SharePoint Technologies to Collaborate, Innovate, and Drive Business in New Ways".

Michael and I are friends. I remember us first meeting when we were teenagers. Then, in the mid-to-late 1990s, we worked closely together on the team that started a new church in our suburb. During this time our friendship developed, and continues to this day even though Michael and his family moved to another part of the country. We don't see each other very often, but communicate regularly on twitter, by email, by txt/sms, by commenting on each other's blogs and occasionally by phone. However, do not let my friendship with Michael detract from your reading of the above review. I do a lot of reading - both for my professional life, and generally. Michael's thinking and writing is world class. This book is clear evidence of that.

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Reader Comments (2)

Thanks Gavin ... appreciate greatly your review comments.

Re meeting when we were teenagers. I definitely remember 1995 (I was 23) ... when did we meet before then? At South?


Aug 20, 2009 at 2:26PM | Unregistered CommenterMichael Sampson

I seem to remember meeting at Project Adventure when you were a participant, and I was a (young/teen) leader.

Also, I knew of you - and your parents - before our SAJ journey from 1995 onwards, and would be surprised if that hadn't included actually meeting, so it must have been in a South or wider SA context.

I am certain 1995 was not our first meeting.

Aug 20, 2009 at 4:00PM | Registered CommenterGavin Knight

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