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Jazz and Leadership

Earlier this month I wrote "Lessons on Leadership from Jazz" as the first expression of my thoughts on how "my preferred leadership and working style aligns closely with how jazz music is performed".

This synergy between jazz and leadership is something I had been pondering alone for over a year. Unusually, I had not looked around to see what others were thinking about it. Of course, nothing is new under the sun, and it turns out I am far from the first person to have made the connection!

Within a day of my post appearing Brian Fraser of Jazz Think emailed me (from Canada), and we have since been in conversation by email. I am very encouraged by how rich his thinking is on this topic. I particularly like his 'thought provoker' articles "Innovation, Organisations, and Jazz" and "The Workplace as Jazz Club".

I see Brian has also written a book on the topic, so must purchase it! - even though he also makes it available for free download.

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