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Why Google Wave?

I wrote last week on my interest in, and the beginnings of my trialling of, Google Wave.

A commenter on that article pointed to one of the many document sharing sites out there as an alternative. This prompted me to think deeper on why Google Wave has me so intrigued, when there are plenty of collaboration services which I could implement in a way that would meet my needs.

My initial thoughts were - with my subsequent thoughts in italics:

  1. I'm looking for something to collaborate on docs (ie edit too) not just share them - the commenter pointed to a sharing site;
  2. Wave is from Google and therefore much more likely to become more pervasive if it succeeds - as a consultant working with an ever changing array of multiple customers and partnering organisations I collect too many systems, UserIDs and passwords as it is, if Google Wave takes off and removes a need for a lot of them (I don't expect it to replace all of them) that would simplify my life and hopefully enable me to deliver value to my customers quicker - rather than being distracted as I often am now by having to learn yet another system with yet another pair of UserID and password credentials;
  3. because it is designed ground up as an open protocol - very soon other providers will be able to provide Wave servers, and waves will federate among them so it won't be a closed system like too many of the current alternates - as well as the points made in 2 this one is particularly relevant to my work as a consultant working with an ever changing array of multiple customers and partnering organisations - I don't always get to choose which systems I have to work with as my customers, and sometimes my partner organisations, often choose the tools to be used for a particular project - Google Wave offers the potential of using a system that might become as common as email, without the frustrations of email (which are why we are all looking for new options anyway!).

My business partner now has a Google Wave account and I will blog my real world experience of using Google Wave in the context of running our consulting company.

Reader Comments (2)

Its a good tool, but there are other options - personally I use http://www.showdocument.com since it needs no installation.
really easy for sharing your designs, documents, ideas and collaborating online.
Just saying you should know all your options. - Laura W.

Nov 9, 2009 at 3:03AM | Unregistered Commenterlaura wilson

thanks Laura

I'm sure showdoc is a good tool, but that would only be relevant when I get to choose the tool/s for a particular project

as I state above one of the reasons I like Google Wave is the potential for it be pervasive and therefore likely to be chosen by my clients/partners when they get to choose (as is often the case)

Nov 10, 2009 at 12:38PM | Registered CommenterGavin Knight

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