About Me


I deliver projects.

I am based in Wellington and travel regularly around New Zealand and overseas to work across a portfolio of roles to achieve the above for my clients:

  • Project Manager - I have an extensive and enduring record as a Project Manager who leads business and systems projects from inception to successful completion.
  • Business Analyst and Business Systems Consultant - I have extensive experience as a Business Analyst and Business Systems Consultant who can understand business requirements, translate them into clear requirements definitions with an appropriate mix of systems change & process change, and implement the change.
  • Business Coach & Mentor - I use my experience as a consultant and leader to coach and mentor others to increase their skills & performance and achieve their goals. I often achieve this via the people leadership element of project management roles but also take on coaching and mentoring roles.

I work regularly with UXC Red Rock Consulting and their clients, with a focus on projects involving Oracle's JD Edwards (JDE) enterprise application.

I have been a professional for more than 25 years, moving from accounting to consulting in 2000. I chose the life of a freelance consultant in 2008.

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I am active on Twitter and write occasionally on my Blog about effectiveness, technology, photography, politics and faith - often with a New Zealand focus.

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Jill and I have have been very happily for over twenty five years. We have an adult daughter (Andrea) and son (Joel). We enjoy each other, our extended family (most of whom live in the Wellington area), our friends, our home, our community, our church (we were part of the team which started it), Wellington (where I have always lived), the outdoors and travel.


I have been a member of the Board of Trustees of Newlands College since 2011 (the high school our children went to). I enjoy this opportunity to contribute to my community. In 2016 I became Board Chair having been Deputy Chair and convenor of the Strategy & Policy subcommittee from 2012 through 2015.


I have a keen interest in Effectiveness - from a number of perspectives: personal effectiveness, team effectiveness and organisational effectiveness. This interest in effectiveness infuses my professional life, and my writing.


My interest in writing about technology is more in terms of personal technology as I am a gadget geek! I am also quite intrigued by web technologies, social media and new media. I am not so interested in writing about enterprise technology even though a lot of my professional work is in that arena.


I am a keen photographer. In 2009 I bought my first high end camera. One of my favourite hobbies is learning the art and craft of making and taking great pictures.


My interest in politics is an expression of my interest in current affairs and the wider world, and is heavily influenced by my faith. I am not a member of a political party.


My christian faith became personal in my late teens. My faith is very important to me and goes to the heart of who I am. My intention is that my faith quietly informs and influences everything I do, but find the simple frustrating reality is that I don't always live up to that ideal.

I have been an active member of our local church The Salvation Army Johnsonville (SAJ) since I led the team which started it in the early 1990s. Currently my contribution is as a member of the SAJ Finance Board (a governance role), the Music Team and occasional speaking opportunities. Over the years I have served in various governance, administrative and spiritual leadership roles.

Prior to starting SAJ I had been active at The Salvation Army Wellington South - the church in Newtown into which I was born, where my extended family has a long association, and where my parents are still active. From my late teens I served in various governance, administrative and spiritual leadership roles until starting SAJ.